Lifetree on Mission
Lifetree Community Church partners with people and organizations all over the world. Through prayer, encouragement, and financial support, we work together to both SHARE and SHOW the love of Jesus. If you are SHARING the love of Jesus or SHOWING the love of Jesus, we are on the same team! Jesus said, “Anyone who is not against us is for us.”

Here is a list of people and organizations we presently partner with in this mission:

Troy and Lisa Tabor and family, Missionaries in Cambodia
Jerry and Karen Jacob, Missionaries in the Pacific Islands
Duane and Lori Danielson and family, Missionaries in Bangladesh
Carolyn Marton, Missionary in Mexico
Chris and Julie Abiuso and family, Missionaries in Mexico
Dave and Julie Goldschmidt and family, Missionary Church Planters in Scotland
Rocco and Ellen DiTrolio, Missionaries in Argentina
Dave and Cheryl Greco, Hispanic Missionary Partnerships
Mark and Kim Gardner, Missionaries in Namibia
Diane Laws, Missionary in Kosrae
Billy and Havilah Roman, Missionaries in Antigua and Barbuda
Joel and Gail Van Briggle, Convoy of Hope Europe


Mercer Street Friends
Project Freedom, Robbinsville NJ
Meals-On-Wheel, Robbinsville NJ
Robbinsville Food Pantry
Brian and Michelle Adams, Rutgers Chi Alpha
Joe and Jen Butler, Ability Tree