“I love being a part of Lifetree. I love that Lifetree loves being a part of Robbinsville’s community. I love knowing that wherever I am, in a moment’s notice, I have a family that I can count on to pray for whatever my need might be. I love that myself and my children are growing in faith as well as forging friendships with others in our community with a common faith.”       

~ Lisa Serinese


“Lifetree is everything we were looking for in a church. Real people interested in one another, serving God to reach the community. Pastor Dan & his wife, Anna, are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet. It so refreshing to go to church on Sunday morning & hear a message that is so encouraging that you feel God was talking directly to you. We are so happy at Lifetree.” 

 ~ Janet & Michael Chiarolanza


“In January I attended my first Lifetree Church service. Lifetree has opened my mind, body & soul. I look forward to the Sunday service & on the way home I am thinking, “Who can I call right now & tell them about the Word of God”. I find myself saying, “Thank You God” everyday.”                      

~ Chris Ciaccio


“I originally went to Lifetree Church to say “Thank you”. They had been helping so many people in town that they had come to my attention and I wanted to thank them for what they had done. I went to a service one Sunday & I met Pastor Dan and the members of the church & have been going back ever since. I believe church should be about expanding your relationship with God & helping others. Lifetree focuses on both. The lessons of finding God through helping others is one I wanted my kids to learn.”              

~ Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried


“Even though I was raised religiously, I didn’t have a personal relationship with God until I went to Lifetree Church. Every single week, I heard something in Pastor Dan’s message that spoke directly to me. It was always something that I needed to hear even if I didn’t know it at the time. When I was going through the most difficult time of my life earlier this year, Lifetree was my sanctuary and the one place I felt safe and cared for. I couldn’t walk into that room without being hugged by someone, having my hand squeezed, or hearing someone tell me that they were thinking about me. My life feels so much fuller and happier since I started attending regularly and I feel more connected to God and others on a deeper level than I ever thought possible.”

~ Shaina Ciaccio